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Coaching Workshop

                                Advanced Personal Development



 (CBT) Life Coaching - provides a unique bridge-way to individual support that

can be tailored on an individual basis, helping to maintain your ongoing progression within the workplace, 'social interaction' - or even towards the achievement (through the building of individual self-esteem, outer-confidence and in the recognition and decrease of stress) of a better integrative home-work-life-balance.

What are Dreams?

It is said that there are three links of consciousness:

1)         When you are AWAKE.

2)         When you are ASLEEP.

3)         When you DREAM.

Day-Dreaming is not the same as Dreaming.

Dreaming is often only available within the realm of Deep-Sleep - and, when within the realm of Deep-Sleep, the sub-conscious mind is then able to explore the many facets of continual thoughts and or IDEAS.

The interpretation and or analysis of any Dream will be different for each

individual - as will the reason behind any action, and then subsequent reaction, to each and every situation (or link of development) or consideration when taking 
the time to seek any individual analysis of any Dream (or Creative Idea).

Remember: When undertaking any new link of physical exercise within practice, it is always advisable to request clients to seek the advice of a trained medical worker if or when there are any doubt/s about personal health and or fitness levels.