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Our Story: What motivates our 'every-day-ness', could it be Our


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Sunday 15th August 2021


‘Idiom’, ‘phrase’ or ‘saying’: ‘If you could see what ‘I’ see’ too.

It’s Sunday - and, today I am grateful for the ‘far-reaching-connections’: each new ‘learner’ brings to the ‘virtual-classroom’, known as ‘everyday-life’.

… and, as ‘I’ sit and ‘stare through the open window’ at the ‘neatly-trimmed, compact lawn’ still ‘glistening’ with ‘fresh, droplets of rain’ that ‘sprinkle-down’ from ‘hovering-branches’ which ‘delicately-balance on the breeze’ ahead.

‘If you could see what ‘I’ see’:  you would see …’

The last of the ‘late-blooming’ flowers begins to ‘unravel’ ready for their ‘finale’: - before, then ‘hibernating’ through the months ahead.

… and, the ‘squirrels’ scatter amongst the ‘rain-soaked’ leaves: leaving ‘acorn-husks’ in their path.


I sit and watch the ‘unity’: of the garden, as the ‘squirrels’; ‘pigeon’; ‘hedgehog’ and small ‘birds’ quietly ‘peck at the ground’ ‘expertly’ allowing the ‘other’ to pass by and move on to the next area of the garden.


In the words of: Genesis 1:24, NIV:


‘ … And God said: ‘Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds:

the livestock, the creatures that move along the ground, and the wild animals, each according to its kind. ‘And it was so.’

With [forgiveness], peace and love. Amen.

1)   Motivation - [encouraging] understanding in motivational influences.

2)   Self-esteem: is not a new discovery within any practice of support. Each link of interaction within any working, learning, social and or family environment will always benefit from better understanding - and, ongoing links of consideration towards others.

3)   Enthusiasm: can become a great motivator within many life aspects. Each time we interact with another, we maintain the momentum of maintaining good relationship links. This is not to say that relationship links can or should be ,defined by being good, or by being bad, it is merely to highlight that relationships which encourage, maintain or even promote our self-empowerment, should be welcomed throughout our life links.

Jacqueline Melbourne-Milner

Coaching Workshop: Advanced Personal Development - Executives - How to work towards the achievement of better [inner]-happiness!